Bed Bug

Bedbugs are a problem no accommodation manager wants to talk about, but all the guests do, they are a fact of life.

The downside to bedbug infestation is that people hate them, and I have heard time and again, “I’ll never stay there again, I was bitten all night!”

In addition to the customer dissatisfaction, there is a real cost, not only of treatment, but the decommissioning of a room, and in some authorities, adjacent rooms.

We developed Bedbug to assist at a government homeless shelter.

The product can be effective as a first strike response and leaves a lingering after scent of fresh menthol

Bedbug is available 750ml spray bottles to 20 litre drums, and is generally supplied ready to use.

We want to help you trial this product, and will pay the freight for you to anywhere in Australia. Bedbug 1.0 litre concentrate measure pack plus 500ml labeled spray bottle delivered free for $34.50, this gives you 10 refills!

If you are a traveller, and suspect you have been bitten, simply spray your bags, shoes with Bed Bug, to try and prevent taking them elsewhere, or even worse home.

As an accommodation provider, upon hearing a complaint or suspecting bedbug activity, spray all the bed fittings, legs etc, around the mattress seams, between ensemble mattresses, close up the room, then come back and vacuum if time permits.

If problems persist, please call a professional pest controller.