Beer Line Cleaner

A safe traditional beer line cleaner, designed to overcome some of the shortcomings of current systems in an easy to use one shot cleaning and sanitising procedure.

While some larger establishments have complex dispensing systems, when they fail, there really needs to be a simple reliable back-up system.

Many establishments are still manually cleaning the lines.

This generally involves using liquid beer line cleaners, which do not incorporate a sanitiser, but more importantly, have to be accurately measured, and how many cellar men have the time or equipment to accurately measure 80mls in exactly 5 litres of water.

As a result, the dose is generally overdone or underdone. The consequences of either present a risk to either the equipment or human health.

Directions for use:

Simply dissolve the contents of the jar into a bucket of warm to hot water, and flush through the system. It is important for trouble free operation that the contents are fully dissolved by stirring with a plastic implement for 30 seconds or so.
After flushing simply rinse with fresh clean water, and put back into service.
When washing parts, eg tap components, make the solution the same way and simply allow the parts to soak until activity ceases, then remove and rinse with fresh clean water before re-assembly.


The Genesis Beer Line Cleaner is simple to use, and is formulated with powerful organic soil and yeast removing agents as well as an agent to suspend matter and prevent re-deposition.
The sanitising agent is a safe peroxide donating complex that activates at around 30 degrees Celcius, so less attention needs to be placed on temperature, a common problem in the past.

Pack Sizes:

  • The product is supplied in a one application jar.
  • The jars are heat shrunk in readily useable and saleable packs of 6 units
  • There are 4 packs of 6 (24) units to the carton.

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