Fly Away

Fly Away was originally designed to combat a seemingly insurmountable problem at a large hotel, where regardless of the steps they took, they had a recurrent problem with Beer Flies buzzing around taps, and ending up in the customers glass!!

We developed a product containing a particular type of mint oil that was known as being very fly unfriendly. The product was simply sprayed around the taps at the end of the day, and worked so well, that we started to trial around local cafes as a simple tabletop and benchcleaner on the basis that you have to wipe them down anyway, why not use a product with biopesticidal properties, hence Fly Away was introduced.

Repeat sales and anecdotal evidence have all pointed to it’s success in this application

Fly Away can be purchased in ready to use form or as a 10:1 concentrate.

We want to help you trial this product, and will pay the freight for you to anywhere in Australia. Fly Away 1 litre measure pack concentrate, plus 500ml labeled spray bottle delivered free for $36.50

This gives you 10 refills at $3.65/bottle!!

To order you can call us and we will process a Visa or MasterCard, or you can email and we will call you with bank details.