A totally safe, powdered cleaner that restores glass back to new. Removes years of grime, scum and even the most difficult scales where other products fail. Simply the best product of it’s type on the market. Removes the most stubborn baked on carbon from stainless steel particularly on commercial kitchen appliances.

Are you totally frustrated continually buying he latest and best bathroom cleaners that guarantee” to remove scum and scale yet when it dries, you can hardly notice any difference?

All that has changed, there is a new safe product that restores and cleans glass quickly, it’s easy to use, economical and very effective.

A miraculous new technology that cleans glass shower screens back to brand new.

Absolutely removes all scale including the hard to remove silica scale and calcium scales. “Magic” is a non abrasive powder that will not damage glass when used according to directions.

Simply wet a non-scratch scourer sponge (usually these are coloured white).

Shake a little of the powder onto the scourer sponge or dip onto the surface of the powder from the bucket to make a wet slurry, and work the surface of the glass.

You will notice the surface become smoother and smother, then simply rinse off.

The product works just as well on marine glass which scales regularly due to continually wetting and drying, again, no problem.

You can order Magic Kleen here, or simply give me a call on 0424 785349 for more information, reseller inquiries welcome.