Safe, Friendly, Natural. Destroys odours, doesn’t just cover them up!

OdourBomb is a safe odour neutralizing product based on botanical extracts.

OdourBomb is a liquid formulation that contains a blend of non toxic biodegradable botanical extracts blended with a food grade emulsifier.

Unlike many common products offered for the purpose of odour control which either act by masking odours with alternate strong perfumes, or use harsh reactive chemicals, OdourGone actually eliminates odor causing molecules from the air.

OdourBomb is extremely effective at very low concentrations making it a very real and economical solution to large offensive odor situations.

OdourGone is a Safe, Effective, and Environmentally responsible product.


OdourBomb is ideal for all domestic applications from rubbish bins to pet odors. It is an excellent solution for deodorizing car and home airconditioning systems.

Industrial applications include effluent odors from food processing and animal handling facilities. Odour control in chicken sheds and and other livestock processing plants.

Waste management applications are numerous including sewerage plants, landfill sites and waste processing operations.

Transport operations including public transport, freight handling, and construction/mining equipment.

Great for:

  • Buses
  • Pet Smells and Beds
  • Furniture
  • Cars
  • Homes
  • Motel Rooms
  • Boats
  • Carpets

Available in pack sizes from 500ml to 200 litre drums