Spraybac is a bioflavonoid sanitiser and mould treatment, used in the treatment of flooded homes.

The system was developed in 2008, as a result of the Mackay Floods, and has been used extensively following the Brisbane floods in 2010. Literally, thousands of homes have been treated using this method.

Following strip-out, the frames and other exposed surfaces are coated in a solution of Spraybac, and allowed to dry. Testing is then performed to verify the efficacy of the treatment.

At this stage, the testing is self regulatory, which means that the person performing the treatment also performs the testwork.

The cost of treatment and issuing of a certificate of treatment ranges from $600-$750 dollars for a standard home.

We are happy to make available a sanitising kit so that builders can perform their own treatment as is convenient to them.

The most expensive item is the fogging machine at about $600.00, however this cost is spread over many jobs, over 10 jobs this is only $60.00.

Genesis Industrial will supply a kit for each home including:

  • Enough solution to treat the dwelling
  • Test Swabs
  • Return Address.

Following treatment, the surfaces are swabbed, and the swabs returned to our office, from which we will issue the certificate.

The cost of doing it yourself including certificate is only $300.00, a saving of over 50%, however if this is not suitable we are happy to quote on the work.

Please contact us for expert advice.