Pure Water Products

Genesis Industrial produce water of different qualities for domestic, commercial and industrial applications at a very competitive price, in bulk or smaller packs:

In Mackay and district:

Demineralised (De-ionised) Water: 

Uses range from steam irons, fish tank water, to preparation of cooling systems for vehicles. Used as a top-up for car batteries as a substitute for tap water.

Very High Purity Water.

Current Pricing:

In bulk form where the customer is able to supply containers, we can supply at 35cents/litre (+gst) minimum 200litres

Available containers we can supply:

5 litre $7.00

20 litre $17.00

call us for bulk pricing in our 200 litre and 1000 litre containers.


Distilled Water:

For applications requiring very high purity water, autoclaves, batteries, medical, laboratory and many other uses:

5 litre  $7.50

20 litres $20.00

Bulk quantities available, contact us for a quote and packaging options.


Both products supplied with actual conductivity level as packed.