Disinfection of Public Areas


Fogging and Misting

Fogging is a system of disinfecting all surfaces in a building, and other public spaces, including crib rooms, motel and camp accommodation, transport vehicles, clubs, restaurants, boats, ships, aircraft, trains  in a way that cleaning alone cannot achieve. 

Fogging treats all accessible surfaces.

Fogging technique

The technique we have developed uses either a cold unit fine mist, or heated fog. In both cases the droplet size is from 5 to 50 micron, which will have the effect of temporarily raising humidity levels without deleterious wetting.

Fogging Solution

The solution we use is Aussan L44, an organic and non toxic disinfectant, safe around humans and animals, including pets.

The Solution has been tested against the H1N1 Virus, which has a similar structure and protein envelope to the CoVid-19 virus. Testing is underway for it's efficacy against CoVid-19, but there is not a product of this type approved anywhere at this stage.

In addition, the product meets the definition of a Hospital Grade Disinfectant under dirty conditions.


Aussan L44 SDS (pdf)


Aussan AMS 0412 H1N1 report 0001 (pdf)


TGA hospital grade disinfectant test results (pdf)


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