Hand Care



Grimebuster is our premium industrial hand cleaner, contains pumice for abrasion not polluting plastic beads. The solvency is provided by eucalyptus oil as an aid to preventing dermatitis. Available in 5 litre, 20 litre, and a 4 litre product and dispenser package.


A white pearlescent hand soap, unscented but available in a variety of colours and fragrances including Gardenia, Peppermint, Blackcurrant, and many more.

Food Grade Hand Wash

Designed for use in food preparation. Does not contain any fragrances or emollients of animal origin

Sensitive Skin Foam Soap

Contains only non-irritant surfactants. All thickening agents tend towards irritating, so this product is supplied in non thickened form and is dispensed as a foam. A foaming bottle is supplied with a 2 litre refill. 

Vanilla Antibacterial Hand Wash

A hand cleaner that contains an organic bioflavonoid sanitiser with a pleasant vanilla scent. Ages into a beautiful bronze colour. Designed for frequent use.

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