Genesis Degreaser

Our flagship product. Excellent for degreasing machinery, workshop floors, motors anything that needs degreasing, simply spray on, allow a little dwell time and hose or wipe off.


A more economical degreaser, great on workshop floors, often used by car detailers as a spray and wipe for tough stains.

HD Cleaner

As powerful as the products above, but with the formulation tilted toward oil and fats in commercial kichens.

Spray Tank Cleaner

A powdered spray tank cleaner for Turbo cleaners and immersion soak tanks. Contains an anti flash rust additive. Safe on most metals when used according to directions.


Our methyl ester based product for industrial degreasing. Used for dragline and shovel cleaning. High flashpoint and low odour make it ideal for "in house" use. Very safe, environmentally friendly product.

Pine Solv

Very powerful solvent, useful for removing glue and other hard to shift stains