Water Treatment Chemicals



We can supply a large range of water treatment chemicals for Industry Including:

Caustic Soda or Caustic Potash

Available in powder form and in a liquid form in a range of solutions from 5%-50%

Citric Acid

Available in powder form or in a range of solution strengths in whatever concentration you require.

Alum Sulphate

In powder form or your specification for liquids


Descaling and dispersing agents

Sodium Hydrogen Percarbonate (Sodium Percarbonate)

Generally supplied in 25kg bags, other sizes or solutions provided on request


Soda Carbonate and Bicarbonate (Soda Ash)

Bags and solutions available de[ending on your requirements.

Phosphoric Acid

Available in any concentration and volume up to 85%

Hydrochloric Acid

Available in pack sizes from 20 litre to 1000 litre IBC's

Many More

Please call on 0424 785 349 for anything you need that isn't listed.