Commercial Kitchens

Commercial Kitchens

             Ware Washing - Auto Dishwash Products

  • Teckleen, an auto dishwash liquid, effective and economical incorporating an anti-scaling agent and rust inhibitor.
  • Teckleen NON PHOS as above, but contains no phosphates, designed to meet discharge criteria.
  • Teckleen NON CAUSTIC much safer than traditional caustic based products, alkalinity is built by silicates which also prevent rust and lead to longer machine life.
  • Teckleen ALL IN ONE an experimental product which seeks to change the surface chemistry of the contents instead of the water, does away with the need for a separate Rinse Aid.
  • Rinse Aid A rinse aid that has a very low surface tension surfactant and includes a drying aid.
  • Auto Dishwash Powder a powdered product, very economical, and used where volumes don't warrant the use of auto dispensing pumps, a good standby if dispensers break down. Suitable for home use.



  • HD Cleaner is a powerful floor cleaner designed with an emphasis on removing not only grime, but slanted heavily towards oil and grease spatter removal. May be used also as a spray and wipe prior to sanitising. 

Soak Tanks 

  • Soak Tank Cleaner is an excellent powdered product for use with kitchen soak tanks, safe on all metals and utensils at a low addition rate.  

Oven and Grill

  • Firefox is a powerful oil and grease remover for use on grills, hotplates and ovens, contains a powerful wetting agent to ensure even and thorough cleaning.
  • Rhino is a product we designed as a non-caustic oven and grill cleaner. Much safer in use, particularly for public barbeques, range hoods, contract cleaners and anyone interested in a safer alternative to traditional products.


  • No Rinse Santiser is very popular for spraying and wiping benches and other surfaces to leave a residual sanitised surface. May be safely sprayed on cooking equipment e.g. slicers as well as fridge interiors and all hard surfaces.
  • Bleach an industry standard for sanitising and whitening surfaces.

Hand Dishwashing

  • Goldie is a great all purpose dishwashing liquid for the commercial litchen and home, and contains no phosphates. Good grease cutting ability and economical.
  • Lemon Verbena as above, but has a pleasant lemon scent reminiscent of "your soaking in it" days.

Other Kitchen

  • Vanilla Fridge Clean contains real vanilla bean extract as as well as being a very good cleaner and sanitiser. Excellent for cleaning fridges and cold rooms leaving a fresh vanilla fragrance.
  • Food Grade Hand Cleaner contains no fragrances or emollients of animal origin. Safe to use, very good value.
  • Instant Hand Sanitiser a clear alcohol based gel for "on the go" hand sanitising, no water required, we recommend use before food prep, and before going home.