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Enzyme supplement for waste water systems and septics


Quite often, problems with biocycle or bacterially based systems are misdiagnosed as lack of enzymes. This is quite often the case, however the cause is not enzyme depletion, but lack of bacterial synthesis.

A mismatch between Nitrates and Phosphates is often the culprit, however a lack of "energy" in the system slows activity markedly.

Biozyme is a product based on natural enzymes and sugars for invigorating and/or commissioning septic tanks, biocycle systems and sewage treatment plants.

Biozyme is added to septic tanks, waste systems and sewage treatment systems to provide a concentrated form of carbon and energy for bacterial cellular growth. 

When added to systems that include grease traps, Biozyme will have a beneficial effect on 

The system without interfering in the operation of the collection system.

Once added, the system will immediately respond, the other elements required are provided by the general system inflow.

Once a large population of bacteria is established, the system should be self sustaining, particularly septic tanks, sewage treatment plants may need ongoing treatment if subjected to shock level contamination.

Many studies and surveys carried out in recent years reveal that a large number of on-site wastewater systems in are not performing in a way that provides acceptable levels of treatment. Untreated or partially treated sewage from these systems may cause public health risks and negative environmental effects.

A healthy system overcomes malodours.

Biozyme is a complex concentrate blend of sugars, nutrients, trace elements natural enzymes and bacteria that are dormant until added to the system water.

Simply (and as a guide) add the product to the system at the rate of up to 5 litres per 3000 litres of tank capacity.

For domestic system commissioning or invigorating, a 1 litre addition is usually sufficient.

Please call to discuss your particular issue in specific situations.

Pack Sizes 1 litre, 5 litre, 20 litre, 200 litre and 1000 litre 

Scrubber tank cleaner, scrubber tank conditioner, scrubber box cleaner, scrubber box

Scrubber Tank Cleaner Degreaser

A scrubber tank (box) cleaner/ conditioner designed specifically for scrubber tanks on forklifts, but particularly underground mining equipment.

The product contains surface active agents that keep carbon, soot and other particulates in suspension for easy cleaning and a water based solvent for sub micron particles. Used widely in Central Qld and NSW

Contains a rust inhibiting agent.

Available in a handy 1 litre so that one bottle per tank eliminates the need for decanting, however also available in 5, 20, 200 and 1000 litre IBC containers.