3 in 1 Cleaners

Beautifully scented cleaner sanitisers, staples for mopping floors, and as a spray and wipe when diluted. Fragrances include Lemongrass, Spring Rain (powder fresh), Tutti Frutti, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Coconut, Vanilla, Blackcurrant and Gardenia. Excellent range for contract cleaners, switching every few weeks keeps the cleaning novel and noticed.

Polished Floors and Tough Jobs.

  • Flasher is a neutral detergent specifically designed for polished vinyl and timber floors, will not remove polish, and very powerful formula for tough stains.
  • Mop and Shine A product for polished floor maintenance. Cleans and leaves a thin layer of polish behind. Very useful for use with buffing machines.

Spray and Wipe

Orange Active is a dedicated concentrated spray and wipe cleaner. Useful at high dilutions, will remove a great deal of hard to remove grime and greasy soils.


  • Vision is a great non-streak window cleaner that contains no ammonia. Either use neat or dilute with filtered water for best results. Great for interior windows, mirrors, and may be used as a spray and wipe on highly polished benchtops like granite.
  • Window Wash a little in a bucket for washing exterior windows by hand, simply brush or wipe on and hose off. 


  • Ocean Fresh is a pleasantly lavender fragranced product suitable as an all round washroom maintainer. Showers, sinks, toilets, even mopping the floor. Is mildly acidic to remove water scales.
  • Magic Kleen a powdered product specifically designed to remove water stains, soap scum etc. including hard to remove silica scales. A product to use when everything else has failed. 


Spa cleaner, low foaming gives excellent results, clears scum and sludge from pipes and pumps.