Dust Suppressant


Glycerine - A new approach

Our newly developed dust suppressant is a glycerine based product. Specialist surfactants carry the glycerine into the road substrate.

Why Glycerine?

Glycerine is a water soluble  colorless, odorless, viscous liquid that is non-toxic. Owing to the presence of three hydroxyl groups, glycerol is miscible with water and is hygroscopic nature. 

In essence, this hygroscopic property draws water from the atmosphere, to assist keeping the surface moist.

Importantly Glycerine has none of the corrosive effects of calcium and other hygroscopic chloride salts

Glycerine has a boiling point of 290 degrees centigrade, and does not form an azeotrope when mixed with water and surfactant, hence the original properties are maintained. The high boiling point and very low volatility means that evaporation of the glycerine is virtually eliminated.

The water carrier evaporates due to the effect of sun and wind, and the glycerine agglomerates fine dusts in the road strata leading to reduced water truck cycle times.

The effects are cumulative.

Application Rates

Aim for 1/2 a litre per square metre of road surface at a rate of 20 litres per 10,000 litres of water. On particularly hydrophobic surfaces it may be necessary to start at a rate of 20 litres per 5000 litres water but with continuing applications this dilution rate can be extended.

When to Use

There are normally two types of activity requiring a dust suppressant, this product addresses where heavy equipment and road trains are constantly using the road. Static stockpile suppression may need a modified approach.

Pack Sizing and Availability

The product is available in a wide range of pack sizes, including 20 litre, 200 litre and 1000 litre IBC's.

The product is made to order but as an example, we shipped 10,000 litres recently within 3 days of order receipt.


To further discuss dust suppression please don't hesitate to email, or call us on 0424 785 349