Eucalyptus Laundry Liquid

Our premium laundry liquid, very economical, contains eucalyptus oil to help with dust mite and bedbug control, available in a non phosphate version where mandated.

Fabric Softener

Available in "Cuddly" type fragrance, also Jasmine and Apple. Reduces cling, helps neutralise residual alkalinity.

Laundry Emulsifier

Adds more detergency to the wash, very helpful in commercial laundry applications.

Laundry Booster

A strong blend of detergents and water based solvents, when added to the regular wash, helps clean greasy and dirty work-clothes. 

Blitz Powder

An economical powder for customers that are prefer powders, contains a sanitising agent and oxy bleach for a great wash.

Nappy Soak

Nappy soak is an oxygen bleach based whitener, safe on coloureds also. Can be used with confidence, and more powerful than similar products.