Vehicle Care



Ecowash is a well thought out product with a built in rust inhibitor package. Plenty of cleaning power at reduced alkalinity, contains a powerful hybrid solvent as well as a very relevant surfactant system.


See degreasing page here

Tyre Shine - Non Silicone

A glycerine based tire shine, does not interfere with paints and other surfaces. Great for motorcycles,panel shops and car detailers, and more economical.

Mag Wheel Cleaner

A water soluble solvent, very friendly but very good. Simply spray on, allow a little dwell time and hose or pressure clean off. Safe on all alloys and metals


  • Vision is a non ammoniated window cleaner, non streak and will not harm rubber seals.
  • Window Wash is added to the windscreen washer tank, will not leave any streaky residues of any kind.


Our "Armorall" equivalent, cleans and protects vinyl, plastic, bumpers and all other plastic surfaces.